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10 Crucial Elements you need in a Sales Page to Convert

by | May 2, 2017 | Create, How To | 0 comments

Creating a sales page is like telling a story, but you ALWAYS have to keep the audience in mind. Remember you’re here to tell your story and sell your message!

There are 5 key elements to keep in mind:


  1. You need to understand who your customer is, i.e., their niche, demographics, age group, etc.
  2. You need to understand their pains and problems that have led them to your sales page
  3. You need to show them that you understand their pain
  4. You need to provide a fix (aka solution) to their pain

“The thing is: to sell something via a sales page, you’ll have to tell a great story. You can do that by focusing on 3 main levels: psychology, content, and design.” William Ghelfi.

What really defines a great sales page is also a killer CTA (Call To Action). “Buy Now” doesn’t cut it anymore – how else can you entice your audience to click on your button? We wrote a big list of CTA’s for you so you can just copy and paste! Grab our list below.

Here are 10 crucial elements you need in your sales page for them to convert:


This is the attention grabbing part of your sales page – use it to make promises – real promises. I usually let my audience know what they’ll get from my product or service, in the headline and make it catchy enough to keep them reading.

“On the average, 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” –David Ogilvy.

These are the headlines from Heather Crabtree’s The Savvy Community and Kimra Luna’s Rock it with Webinars sales pages.


So your headline is defining your product, your sub-headline should tell your audience who should purchase it and why they might be interested. Make sure it’s strong and clear and gives reasons to purchase your product or service.

What do you think of these headlines? Amy Porterfield’s Webinars that Convert sales page and Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Miracle Membership page.


Now the first paragraph is a glimpse at what you have to offer on a deeper level. It should have a few words about yourself and why you are the expert on this subject, the results you have had and the results your audience can expect.

Think of the opening paragraph as a teaser to the rest of your sales page. Some people might even immediately want to BUY right after reading the opening paragraph! Make it your mission to make that happen! 🙂

Here are a few opening paragraphs from some marketing influencers:

These are screenshots of Gala Darling, James Wedmore and Denise Duffield Thomas’s sales pages.


Street cred. We all need some street cred. People want to see who’s talking about you, who is interested in you and where you are featured.

I often see street cred after the opening paragraph – it makes sense – wouldn’t you be more drawn to purchase from someone if you knew they had been featured in your fav. online platform?

Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles online course and James Wedmore’s Business by Design sales page. Can you spot the street cred?


Okay so your sales page has copy, probably loads of copy. Now how do you make it less boring and more engaging?

Sub headings or titles are the perfect way to break up text, keep the reader engaged and allow you to draw attention to the most important parts of the text.

How do you know if your subheading are working? I LOVE to tell my peeps that if you can scroll all the way down a sales page reading ONLY the sub headings your sales page will STILL make sense!

Go on, go to your sales page now and see if it works 🙂

This is from Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Miracle Membership sales page.


You want to buy a book. You head on over to Amazon, find the book you want and read about it. What’s the next thing you do? Scroll on down to read what other people are saying about the book right?

You read the negative and the positive comments and then make your decision.

Same goes for a sales page. Having testimonials from past clients who have used what you’re selling is probably the number 1 way to get more street cred.

Testimonials also help ease your potential audiences anxieties and objections regarding what you’re trying to sell them. They might have questions like;

  • “Will this work for my situation?”
  • “Is this going to be too hard?”
  • “Will I have time for this?
  • “What if I need to return this?”
  • “How can I trust this person?”

Testimonials help answer some of those concerns.

Easy right? But many people ask HOW they can get their customer to write testimonials. Simple. Just ask. Send a personal email to your customers asking if they could spare a moment to write a few lines reviewing your product.

Make it even easier for them – tell them in bullet points the aspects you would love to hear from them;

  • How did they use the product
  • What changes did they see because of using the product
  • Why they would recommend it to others.

Then on your sales page highlight the testimonials and add in a photo of the person giving the testimonial.

I know some sales pages which have over 20 testimonials, that I find a little too many, but hey maybe it’s working to help convert!

I would say stick to a max of 10 testimonials and maybe split the positioning between having some appear after the first instance of where you explain your product and some towards the bottom of the page before the “buy now” button.

Check out these examples of testimonials:

Testimonial section from Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and Zach Spuckler’s Rock your FB ads course.


Remember, you’re not selling a product directly to your potential customer- you’re selling solutions, outcomes, experiences and dreams.

Oh. That is so key. Go back and read the above sentence one more time.

People aren’t going to buy your product, they are buying the outcome.

This means you need to describe, play, outline, imagine, dream with them during this process.

Make sure that your offer is exactly what they need.
Be clear to provide each and every detail of what your product does for them, a beautiful picture of everything they’re getting, and loads of values stacked upon each other.

If you can show them how the product will pay for itself – you can seal the deal!

This is usually the section where you outline your modules or steps in the program/product that people will go through.

Take a look below:


Make your offering risk free. Offer their money back, give them an extra bonus call if they aren’t happy, think of other ways you can make your audience feel like buying this from you means they don’t need to lose anything (especially money).

You will get people who want refunds, who complain, who spread messages that your course/product sucked. You know what? It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you care for those people even more than your other customers. Listen to them, ask them why they didn’t like it, give their money back with no hesitation. You will understand so much about your ideal audience by listening to those that didn’t like what you had to offer.

I usually see Money back guarantees towards the bottom of sales pages however, I think you can have them wherever you have your “buy now” button. The more they see that it is risk free, the more likely to purchase they are!


You always want to remind your customers about the benefits of your product or service and the pain that will go away for good when they have used your product. Do this every chance you get.

Pepper your “Call to Actions” throughout your sales page. Don’t be boring with the “Buy Now” button – think how you can be engaging and fun by choosing sentences or phrases that stick out!

Check out our free PDF “A big list of Call to Actions that Work” and download it for free!


Maybe your product has an open and close cart (where you only sell for a limited time period) or you decided to offer bonuses to people for signing up early.

In either case the more you get people feeling that they might be missing out on something – the more likely they are to impulse buy!

You can insert a countdown timer into your sales page to have this effect.

Or you could also say the first 100 people to buy my product get a free call with me, a free session, a free XXX. That usually drives people to be the first to sign up as they want it so bad. Make sure your offer is irresistible and VALUE packed and it’s a no brainer for people to buy your product now + get the extra stuff too!

I admit there is a real art to creating a sales page. There is a fine line between being too salesy and pushy and being heart centered in your sales page. I can guarantee your audience will tell you which one it is.

What I do know is that if you implement the above 10 elements into your sales page then it’s going to get you results!

I would love to see your sales pages. Post a link in the comments below and write a few lines about WHY people should buy your product.


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