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Get instant access to download over 2000+ real life photos

Find photos with different styles as we have contributing photographers from all over the world.

Get inspiration whilst browsing all categories and save to your wishlist for downloading later

When you can’t find a photo – ask for what you need! We listen to our members and tell our photographers what to shoot.

New photos are uploaded daily, so the library keeps growing.

In our Facebook group, get design tips for how to use the photos, feedback on the work you create and a chance to meet and connect with other members.



Woah right? Where can I join you ask? Well, right now you can’t.




Soon you will be able to purchase single photos from us to download.

Till then, sign up to our mailing list to grab yourself 10 free photos instantly and a free photo every week.



to get a taste of our photos + get a free photo every week into your inbox.


You can use our photos for social media, websites, opt-ins, presentations
webinars, for client work…with no credit needed back to us.

You can use the photos in editorials and commercial work (if you mention the source
as The Photo Forest and credit the photographer)

You cannot resell or repackage any of our photos.

You cannot claim the photos as yours, copyright remains with the photographers.

You cannot use the photos for inappropriate content (any form of discrimination, pornography or the likes.)

Read our full image license terms and conditions here.

Answering your questions

Do you only have a membership option? I can’t pay per photo?
At the moment we only have a membership option. Sign up to our email list if you want to get notified if we change this in the future! You never know 🙂
Can I use the photos I download for my multiple businesses?
Yes any photo you download can be used by you for any of your businesses. Our license is simple, you can use any of the photos at any time for any purpose, even commercially. You cannot sell the photos.
Can I use your photos for my clients? (I am a graphic designer, fb ad manager, VA etc...)
Yes you can use the photos for your clients. We do encourage your clients to sign up too!
What if I can’t find the photo I am looking for?

You can request specific themes to be photographed via our private members Facebook group. Twice a month we do a poll in new themes which members want to see on The Photo Forest. Once everyone has voted our photographers go out and shoot accordingly.

This means more than likely you will always get what you’re looking for on The Photo Forest.

How do I cancel my membership if I don’t want to be a part anymore?
You can cancel your membership via the members dashboard under ‘My Subscription’. You can also go into PayPal and cancel the recurring subscription there. Once you cancel you will still be an active member until your subscription was meant to renew.
Can I still use the photos I have downloaded after I cancel my memerbship?
Yes you can still use the photos you downloaded after you cancel your membership. They are yours to keep and reuse as often as you want!
How many times can I reuse the photos?
As often as you want. Yay!
Do you have release forms for the people and property?
Yes we have all model and property release forms for recognizable people or property. If you need the release form please contact us and let us know the photograph that you need the release form for.
What is the image quality of the photos?

All images are high quality with;

a minimum of 1MB in file size up to 5MB
a minimum of 3000px on the longest side

When you download a photo you always get the full resolution.

Is the price based on photo resolution?
No. We don’t base our prices on photo resolution. When you download a photo you will always get the highest quality photo from us.




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