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The Photo Forest is taking a stand against the white dominated stock photo industry. We are about inclusivity, authenticity and diversity. If you are ready to share your work with our community, get seen, earn some money (it’s part of the package!) and challenge your creativity, then this is the place to be.

We want photographers from every country contributing to our platform. We want to represent the world.

We look for photographers who have an edgy style (fresh, modern, clean, artistic and relevant), who can shoot photos according to our themes as well creatively interpret our members specific photo requests.

We are starting a #stockphotorevolution.

Are you ready to rise strong with us?

If it’s a heartfelt YES, then apply below.


Nora, founder and believer.

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What exactly are we looking for in a Photographer?

We consider photographers family. This means you are as much part of our platform and our life as our members.

Here are some of things we look for in a photographer;

  • Someone who is dedicated to our vision and mission to bring authentic, diverse and ‘world’ friendly photos to underrepresented cultures.
  • Someone who can deliver beautiful, high quality and unique photos to our members which are on message
  • Someone who makes time in their lives to shoot, upload and be present in our community

We are not a dump and run kind of platform, photographers are requested to show up, interact, communicate and be there for our team and our members.


How much time do I have to commit to The Photo Forest?

Time is a funny thing isn’t it. Seems to go so fast when you need more of it and takes ages when you can’t wait!

Therefore we aren’t able to answer this question directly. HOWEVER know that we do want you to be uploading photos at least once a week (and that means uploading more than just one photo!)

This means you will have to manage your own time for shoots and editing.

Can I upload photos from my archive?

Yes and No.

We do prefer ‘fresh’ photos which are on message (according to our themes), but we do realize that you may have some of those in your archive.

You may upload photos from your archive IF:

  • They haven’t been used by a previous corporate client (ie. in all of their advertising material), personal projects are fine though!
  • All model and property release forms are signed (if needed)
  • They fit in with our themes

We may consider this on a case by case basis as well, so just ask!


Do I retain copyright of my photos?

Yes you do!

You retain full copyright of all your own photos.

What happens if I decide to leave The Photo Forest?

When you decide you no longer want to be a part of The Photo Forest you must tell us in writing.

We will then remove your photos from our platform (however please note that members who have already downloaded your photos may still use them), once your photos are removed you will no longer be paid out by us.

You may not use the photo for any other usage other than in your own portfolio after you decide to terminate the contract with The Photo Forest.

What are the photo requirements?

We accept any digital photo as long as it is shot with a camera above 10 Megapixels.

Yes mobile phone photography is also accepted.

I am not a professional photographer! Can I still apply?


If you have a creative eye, create amazing photos and love our mission: APPLY!

In our eyes there is no such thing as professional or amateur photographer, it’s all about the final image we see and how it fits into our vision of an online world which depicts the diversity of this life.

So how much will I get paid?

Our photographer payment model is fluid.

It is calculated on a monthly basis via a percentage total of revenue and based on monthly total photo downloads. Sounds confusing? It’s not that complicated really!

Here is the formula we use to calculate the final payout for photographers:

Total pro rata revenue of The Photo Forest Membership site per month ( x percentage commission = sum for photographers

Sum for photographers / total photo downloads per month = price per photo

Price per photo x single photographer total photo downloads = sum to pay photographer for that month

(downloads must be unique – i.e. if one person downloads the same image 10x that only counts as 1 download)

The percentage revenue share we give to photographers is 30%.

Single photo price can vary between USD 10 to USD 0.80 from month to month, this really depends on how many members we currently have! The more members we have the more you will get paid, so it’s a great idea to advertise that you are part of The Photo Forest to your tribe!

How will I know if I get accepted?

Once we have reviewed your portfolio you will get an email from us explaining you how to proceed if you have been successful.

You will then need to sign our Photographer Agreement Contract and set up a meeting with our founder Nora. From then you will get your login details and be a part of the family.

If you are not successful you will also receive an email from us explaining the reason why, you can then reapply when you are ready.




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