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How to create the perfect FB ad using Stock Photos

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In today’s pay to play era of social media, Facebook ads can feel like a necessary evil. But they don’t have to be. With Facebook ads, you can powerfully reach new fans, or target offers to warm leads all quite simply.

To help you get the most of this important tool, we’ve put together our top tips for creating the perfect Facebook ads. We’ve also gone ahead and made 6 awesome FB ad templates you can download and use for FREE (with 3 bonus stock photos as well!)


Before starting any campaign, it’s important to think about what the desired outcome is. Are you looking to drive people to your website? Promote a product? Get email sign ups? Your desired outcome will determine the type of ad you create.  AdEspresso has an awesome breakdown of the different types of Facebook ads.

You should also have a clear idea of who you’re talking to. It is so so important that you are targeting the right people with your ad because otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time and money.


In all honesty, the photos you choose is going to be the most important part of your ad. This is what is going to grab the attention of your target while they are scrolling through a sea of content competing for their gaze. I recommend using stock photos because it is important to display a high quality, professional look for this first impression of your brand.

Think back to step number one: What is the desired outcome of your campaign, and who is your campaign targeting?

If you are selling a digital product, it might be best to show it in a mock up of an ipad that is styled to appeal to your target audience. Or maybe it will be best to show the desired outcome of using your product/ service. For example,if you were selling a program that teaches men to create a digital nomad lifestyle, you might select a photo of a man working on a laptop in a tropical cafe.

Narrow down your selection to 6 images. I recommend choosing 6 different options that visually convey your message because we will be testing them to see which one performs best. You’ll be surprised which ad gets the highest conversion!

Struggling to find the right stock photos? Our top tips for finding the perfect stock photos are:

  • Create a Mindmap

Describe the perfect photo. These words become your keywords to use in your stock photo search.

  • Look for Natural, Candid Photos.

Authenticity is the key to avoiding cliche stock photos.

  • Skip to Page 3

The first 3 pages of a stock photo search are where most people choose their image from. Skip ahead to find unique photos.

  • Sign up for The Photo Forest.

Our members can request the type of picture they need and one of our contributing photographers will shoot the request. How easy is that?


It’s time to get creative! I like to design my ads in Canva or Illustrator. Make sure you use the optimum size of 1200 x 628 so that it shows up full size in the Facebook feed.

Use your brand colors and logo in your design so that you’ll be recognized.

  • Use Little to No Text Overlays

Facebook prefers ads with little to no text on them. Visual content has the highest success. A good way to use text sparingly is to only include your call to action directly on the ad.

  • Be Specific

The rest of your copy is where you want to break it down for your audience. What are you offering? What problem will you or our offer solve for your target? What do you want your target to do? Be as specific and as concise as possible so that the message is clear.

  • Provide Value

Make sure that whatever you’re promoting provides value to your target.Twenty-four-year-old men just ain’t gonna be into your beauty blender no matter how you sell it.

  • Create Multiple Versions of Your Ad

Create at least 6 versions of your ad using the 6 stock photos you selected in the previous step. Try different combinations of images, text, and copy. We will use these later to see which ad performs the best.


Facebook’s targeting features put the power to hone in on the exact type of person that you’re trying to reach. You can target people based on their age, gender, location, relationship status, interests, and more.

  • Targeting New Leads

One of the most powerful ways to hone in on your ideal audience is to target them based on pages they like. If you are friends with someone on Facebook who falls within your target audience, search “Pages liked by [Friend’s name}” on Facebook and hit the “pages” tab  to pull up a list of all the pages liked by that friend. Make note of all of the relevant ones. For example, if you are running an ad promoting a natural hair product, you might note a beauty blogger’s page that your friend liked. Especially note pages that you come across again and again in your search.

You can also look at pages similar to yours and use the “Pages Like by” section of their page to find more options.

Try to make a list of at least 6 pages.

  • Retargeting Warm Leads

Depending on the desired outcome of your ad, you may like to choose to target people who are already familiar with you or your brand. You can create a custom audience and target people on your mailing list, or target people who already like your Facebook page. This can be beneficial as these people are already familiar with you and your product or service and are more likely to buy.

Lots to remember? Download our Free Step by Step Guide to Creating Facebook Ads


Remember how we talked about finding 6 different versions of your ad to see which one performs better?  This is what is commonly called ‘Split Testing’. It is a super smart practice  because you can test the efficiency of your ads and choose the best ones before you throw too much money into it.

For each audience you create, run all 6 ads for at least 24 hours. Monitor them constantly, and turn off the ads that aren’t performing well, and keep running the ones that are converting.

It may take some trial and error to land on the perfect ad, but once you do the returns are worth it. Remember to experiment, to be creative, and to never give up!

What’s your biggest struggle with Facebook ads?

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